1、What is umipic therapy?


UMIPIC-Therapy:Ultra Minimum Incision Personalized Intra-Tumoral Chemo-Immuno Therapy developed by Dr. Baofa Yu.

Simplicity, superior effecticacy, and minimal side effects make UMIPIC a groundbreaking treatment. This new intra-tumor treatment has been used in over 50000 treatments over the past 21 years, with superior advantages and results as compared to other treatment therapies. As an immunological approach to cancer treatment, this therapy not only treats current tumors but can also teach your body to prevent future ones, allowing you to live a longer and better life. It’s simple, short and has virtually zero side effects.

This therapy is unique in that we inject highly concentrated, combined chemotherapy medications called TriCancerVac directly into the tumors; we use a specialized long needle under the guidance of an imaging device such as an ultrasound or CT scanner, similar to a needle biopsy.

In addition, we have developed a sustained drug release feature for the medication by adding a clinically approved oxidant so that it coagulates within the tumor mass. This inhibits blood flow through the tumor and entraps the injected regimen at a high concentration within the tumor for several more days after each injection than a regular drug. This allows us to achieve much higher drug concentration and effectiveness by greatly extending duration of drug action and reducing the required dosage as compared to conventional chemotherapeutic methods.

Another outstanding feature of this therapy is the effect it has even after the tumor has been destroyed. The autologous tumor antigens released from the dead tumor cells (killed by our cytotoxic drug) trigger an immune response, like a self-vaccination, that is able to suppress and eradicate tumor recurrence and metastasis in the patient’s body. In other words, the body is often able to utilize the dead tumor cells to target other smaller tumors and prevent metastasis into other areas of the body.

We have successfully treated more than 20 kinds of cancer, including cancers of the lung, liver, breast, ovary, prostate, larynx, intestine, pancreas, gum, tongue, cervix of womb, bladder, snuff, stomach, gallbladder, skin, lymphoma, esophagus, kidney cell tumor and sarcoma.


2、UMIPIC Therapy:How is it Administered?


3、Comparison of therapeutic effects

Data Collected Over 20 Years Demonstrates the Efficacy of the Treatment Source: 
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(4) SEER data, based on compiled 2007-2013data

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We offer a unique cutting-edge therapy called UMIPIC - Ultra Minimum Incision Personalized Intra-Tumoral Chemo-Immuno Therapy developed by Dr. Baofa Yu. It is one of the newest methods of interventional therapies to patients with solid tumors and cancer with significant advantages as compared to most other conventional and even alternative treatments.more info

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