In the early 1980s, when Baofa Yu was studying at China union medical college, his mother unfortunately developed esophageal cancer, the mother unfortunately suffered from esophageal cancer. Although Baofa Yu, a doctor of Shandong Cancer Prevention and Control Research Institute at that time, took his mother to his hospital for treatment, exhausted all the treatment methods he knew, he did not retain her mother's life.  Baofa Yu, a longing doctor, finally realized that it was impossible to treat cancer with the current treatment methods. To achieve substantial breakthroughs, in order to save tens of millions of mothers suffering from cancer, there must be a new treatment.In 1990, Baofa Yu , a graduate student from Union Medical University of China, received an invitation for postdoctoral research from San Diego Medical College of California, USA. He left the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital where he worked for two years and went to the other side of the ocean to seek a way to overcome cancer.

1.In 1991, the Salk institute sent a postdoctoral research invitation letter to  Bao fa Yu 
2、Documents for the Re-employment of Professor Baofa Yu as Assistant Professor at the University of San Diego Medical College (UCSD) in 1994-1998

1、Professor  BaofaYu obtained the certificate of scientific research fund in the United States
 2、During Professor Yu Baofa's research in Salk

In American research institutes, I worked for several years like a day. I often worked late at night. Sometimes I could not sleep at night, I would also come to the laboratory to do research. When I was hungry, I would eat something to fill my hunger. Sometimes I simply forgot what hunger is. In this way, two years passed quickly, and the tireless BaofaYu  began to do postdoctoral research at the world-famous Salk Medical Research Institute.At the institute, his research was awarded $160,000 by the National Science and Technology Award Fund. He was also hired as a researcher at the institute, and in 1994 was hired as an associate professor at the University of California, San Diego Medical School.Thanks to the guidance of SARA and the care of Nobel laureate Crick and others, Baofa Yu has developed a "sustained release library therapy" which uses cancer itself as a storehouse of anticancer drugs. The concept of using cancer itself as a cancer drug 'sustained-release library' has gained a significant impact in the American medical community, and the American Cancer Society has incorporated it as a member.

1、UMIPIC Obtained Chinese Patent
2、UMIPIC has been patented by Australia

1、U.S. Patent for UMIPIC

2、Patent Certificate for Organ Targeting Therapy
Although liang yuan is good, his hometown is hard to abandon, and Baofa Yu, who has made great achievements in tumor research, has not forgotten the oath made before his mother's death: he must conquer cancer demons in the place where his mother's life was taken away, return to China to start his own business and set foot in dongping farmland to build Taimei baofa cancer hospital.
On March 28, 1998, the Taimei baofa cancer hospital, which coagulates the blood and sweat of Baofa Yu, was officially established in dongping county.The hospital covers an area of 50 mu with a construction area of 7,000 square meters.


1、Taimei Baofa Cancer Hospital is built in this cropland.
2、1998 taimeibaofa cancer hospital opened

In 2000, Professor Baofa Yu founded Youke Company and Oncology Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Jinan Overseas Students Pioneer Park. As the research base of Taimeibaofa Oncology Hospital, injected vitality into the development of the hospital once again.Shandong Baofa Tumor Therapy Co., Ltd. was established in 2002.

1、Ozone Therapeutic Instrument Produced by Youke Company
2、Employees of Jinan Jiazou Company are conducting animal experiments.
3、Ward Building under Construction
In 2001, shortly after the launch of Taimei baofa cancer hospital,Baofa Yu won a lawsuit in the United States for an American boy, almost a realistic copy of the film Scrape. An American 9-year-old boy named Andres suffered from testicular cancer. His parents went around to seek medical advice. They learned that the "sustained-release bank therapy" could cure his son's disease. In 2001, Andres'father, Colan, contacted Professor  Baofa Yu and decided to receive the treatment from Professor Baofa.

1、2、3、Professor Yu Baofa's Defense in American Court
4、Andres during his treatment in China

Yuis a deputy to the tenth National People's Congress
In professor yu baofa's proposal, three questions have already been implemented

1、In 2010,Dong ping baofa general hospital was established
in2004, Jinan baofa cancer hospital was established
3、in2012,Beijing baofa cancer hospital was established

In 2005, Professor  BaofaYuwon the First State Council Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award for Overseas Chinese Professionals

1、2、Professor  Baofa Yu Report at the Fourth World Cancer Conference
3、In 2016, Professor Baofa Yu was hired as a part-time professor at Western University of Health in the United States

In 2011, Xi Jinping, then Vice President of the State, met with Professor Baofa Yu
In 2008, then Premier Wen Jiabao met with Professor Baofa Yu
3、Visit Guidance of Zhang Qingli, Member of the Central Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Tibet Autonomous Region, to Taimeibaofa Cancer Hospital
4、Jiang Yikang, then Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Professor  Baofa Yu took a group photo

1、Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and Director of the Surk Institute of Medicine in the United States, presented Professor Bao fa Yu with photos of the Salk Institute and signed them to encourage him.

2、Photo taken with 1962 Nobel Prize winner Crick in Physiology or Medicine
3、Photo taken with Richard Roberts, 1993 Nobel Prize winner in Medical Physiology

1、Photo taken with Ding Zhaozhong, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1976

2、Photo taken with former U.S. President Gore, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
3、Picture with George Emyr Pallade, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine
4、Picture with Craig Merlow, Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine

Books, papers and important technical reports published by Professor Bao fa yu

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