• How do I contact the hospital for information or to begin the process of getting treatment?
Please send an email to Director Yu at Umipicyu@gmail.com

  • What information/materials should I send to the hospital?
If you are contacting us for the first time, please send your basic medical information including the type, number, and location of tumors, time of discovery, treatments received and results, etc.; In further communication, please send more detailed information including the medical records with CT/MRI/PET/Ultrasound scan images, blood test reports, etc. for the doctors to do a more in-depth analysis and recommendation for new treatments.

  • How do I confirm the coverage with my insurance company?
Please check your medical insurance policy carefully, then contact the insurance company to report the status of your illness and the need to get new and more effective treatment. Also, you may provide them with information about this specific UMIPIC tumor interventional treatment, ask for pre-certification for getting this treatment outside of the US, or notification of getting such treatment ahead of time if pre-certification is not needed and issued.

The most important thing is to clarify and confirm coverage for this treatment from your insurance company and to communicate well with us before you take the trip to Beijing for the new treatment. If you are covered by a government medical plan, like medicare or medicaid, please do the same before the trip.

  • How do I arrange the trip to Beijing, China?
After the insurance coverage has been clarified and confirmed, you can begin to arrange the trip by contacting the hospital first to make sure we know your plan. We will then make sure that room/board and treatment times are available and reserved, then you can purchase the airline tickets either through a travel agent or online website

Then, please notify the hospital of your flight number with the date/time of arrival in the Beijing International Airport. The hospital will send a driver to pick you up in the airport. Once you've arrived at the hospital, we'll take care of everything else.

  • How long do I need to stay in the hospital?
It depends on how many treatments you will receive. The typical interval between two treatments is one week, so one week per treatment. Results have shown to be better with more treatments. Many patients get three to four treatments with one trip, then come back for a follow-up exam and more treatments within the next several months for even better results. Please discuss the number and timing of the treatments needed directly with the doctors based on your specific situation and need, please make sure your insurance company knows the plan and covers the costs also.

  • Can I have someone accompany me?
Yes, you can have a family member(s) or friend(s) come with you to the hospital, and stay with you in the same room in another bed for a low additional cost, or stay in a nearby hotel that is within one block for moderate costs.

  • How do I purchase airline tickets to Beijing China?
You can purchase airline tickets to Beijing through a travel agent or online website. We can also recommend an experienced travel agent for you, so that you can get better choices and prices if you need.

  • What should I bring with me?
You don’t need to bring too many things, just those that you really need, including clothes, computers, tablets for surfing the Internet and using emails, a cell phone/IP phone for communication, and other things you normally bring for travel. We have WiFi and ethernet available for your use in the hospital, and will help you in getting a local cell phone SIM card, in addition to any other necessities. There are also stores very close by, for you to purchase things by yourself if you desire. Beijing is one of the world's largest international cities, there should be no worry of having a shortage of anything here.

  • How do I deal with the language difference?
We have doctors and nurses who can speak in basic English, so basic communication should be no problem. If you need an experienced interpreter, we can find one for you for moderate price.

  • What are the facilities like in the hospital?
The hospital rooms are spacious and clean, and include beds, desks, chairs, a TV, Internet connection, and a private bathroom.

  • How do I make phone calls back to my home country?
The best way to make phone calls back to your home country is by IP phone or using the computer through the internet. There are IP phone cards sold for a low price. Or you can have your family or friends call you from your home country after you get a number in China. Communication is easy and cheap with modern technology.

  • How can I get Internet connection in the hospital?
The hospital provides both ethernet and wireless (WiFi) internet connection in the patient rooms.

  • How can I get mobile phone service in China?
The hospital will help you get a new local cellphone with a SIM card, you don’t need to do it yourself.

  • How can I arrange to go on sightseeing tours in Beijing and other places nearby?
Beijing is a city with many attractions for tourists. You can either take tours in the city by yourself with a map, or with a friend or interpreter accompanying you, or join a group tour organized by travel agents. You can come back to the hospital room every night, or you can stay in some hotels over night if you desire, as long as the tour activities do not interfere with and impact your examinations and treatments; your doctors will make recommendations for going out based on your condition.

  • How do I get medical exams including blood tests, Ultrasound and CT Scan, etc. performed?
If you have done medical exams before coming to our hospital, please bring the reports and images. For any new exams needed after you check-in at our hospital, we have our own facilities to do these exams in the hospital.

  • How many treatments will I get?
It depends on your medical situation and need, including the number of tumors, the locations and sizes of them, the results of the CT, Ultrasound and blood test exams, etc. The more treatments patients get, the more effective they are. The time interval between two treatments is typical one week. Many patients get three to four treatments in one trip, then come back for follow up exams and treatments after several months.

  • What should I expect from the treatments?
One of the advantages of this specific therapy is that most side effects are avoided. Most patients feel better after receiving treatment with pain relieved to some degree, they feel more strength in their body, have a better mood, eat and act more, have the tumors shrinking after weeks or months detected with CT, MRI or Ultrasound exams, blood test results improved, etc. Some even have the tumors completely disappear after treatment.

  • How to evaluate the result of the treatments?
The patients have feeling about the status of their bodies. The CT, MRI and Ultrasound exams show the sizes of the tumors directly, blood test result can also show the improvements. Expand the life span beyond predicted by other hospitals and doctors is a strong proof of the effectiveness of this specific treatment.

  • In what language can I get the medical statements and records?
The medical statements and records will be provided in Chinese, but can also be provided in English if needed.

  • How do I get medical statements and records in other language?
If you need to get the medical statements and records in a language other than Chinese or English, your documents will need to be translated. We can hire external translation services with moderate prices.

  • How do I file claims with the medical insurance company?
Patients or helpers need to contact the medical insurance company to get pre-certification before taking the trip to get the treatments, or at least notify the insurance company of the coming treatments if pre-certification is not provided. Having human resource department in your company to communicate with the insurance company can help. During the treatments, it’s better to provide follow up updates to the medical insurance company if possible. After the treatments, get all the medical statements and records, file the claims with the insurance company as soon as possible, follow up with the insurance company to see if any more documents are needed, and if any more questions need to be answered. Keep following up until the claims are processed and costs are covered appropriately. Contact the hospital if any more information or records are needed.

  • What should I expect when I check out from the hospital?
After getting the treatments needed, patients should expect some short term improvements like relief of pain, better feeling with more strength and better mood, etc. After give sufficient time for the treatments to take effect, patients should feel more improvements over time. Follow up medical exams should some proof of the improvements after months. More trips may be needed afterward to get even better results.

  • How do I follow up with the hospital and doctors?
You can always contact the hospital and doctors via email or phone call.

  • What should I do after getting back?
You should keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself in a better way, keep taking food and nutrition and acting as normal as you can, keep doing follow up check out and exams periodically to monitor the improvements. Also file claims with the insurance company and prepare for the next trip as needed.

  • How can I set up more treatments with the hospital and doctors?
Please contact the hospital and doctors via email or phone calls to set up more treatments and arrange more trips.