We offer a unique cutting-edge therapy called UMIPIC - Ultra Minimum Incision Personalized Intra-Tumoral Chemo-Immuno Therapy developed by Dr. Baofa Yu. It is one of the newest methods of interventional therapies to patients with solid tumors and cancer with significant advantages as compared to most other conventional and even alternative treatments.

Features and advantages of UMIPIC - Ultra Minimum Incision Personalized Intra-Tumoral Chemo-Immuno Therapy:


Traditional Chemo Therapies

New UMIPIC Therapy


Medicine circulates in the whole body

Medicine circulates only within the tumor


Very low percentage of medicine gets into the tumor, normally around 1% or lower

High percentage of medicine gets into the tumor, normally around 95% or higher.
Dual advantage in which treated/killed tumor cells can act as immune agents to reduce tumor cells in other areas of the body.

Side Effect

Medicine kills both tumor and normal cells, mostly normal cells

Medicine kills only tumor cells, and minimally, if at all affects normal cells


In order to achieve significant effectiveness, it has to be repeated several times

Since the medicine is injected directly into the tumor, repetition is minimal


Kills too many normal cells, reduces the natural immune system, weakens the body

Only kills tumor cells, does not kill normal cells, does not reduce, but rather increases the natural immune system, strengthening the body


High with repeated treatments needed

Low with limited treatment cycles needed

The other significant advantages achieved by this specific therapy include much lower total dosage of medications used inside the tumor, which reduces the side effects in a superior level as compared to traditional chemotherapy. Whereas traditional chemotherapy has drugs circulating over the whole body, our UMIPIC therapy has reduced the total dosage of medicine used by up to 99% by targeting a specific tumor. It also has a quicker operation of about 30-45 minutes for each cycle, much less pain and suffering with the treatment, lower cost as compared to standard chemotherapy, and is more applicable than autologous tumor vaccines and catheter interventional chemotherapy. It has been proven to be clinically effective for a broad spectrum of solid tumors including liver, lung, pancreatic cancers (among others), and has significantly decreased the mortality rate and tumor recurrence compared to other treatments.

This therapy has also been applied to a broad range of scenarios and purposes: to unresectable tumors as a preoperative treatment to reduce tumor size and to prevent metastasis; it can be utilized to treat tumor recurrence; in case of failure to undergo early treatment; used in combination with radiotherapy or low-dosage chemotherapy to increase efficiency and reduce side effects of such treatments; and used as an agent for other interventional therapies.

Research has shown that many conventional treatments have severe side effects to many patients by damaging the patient’s own immune system, making them weaker and more vulnerable to infections. By applying too high a dosage of chemotherapy regimens and radiotherapy into areas of the body other than the tumor itself, it kills far too many of the body’s normal cells. Surgery also makes the patients weaker and causes more suffering, thus increasing the risk of infection and complication, but not necessarily reducing the chance of recurrence and metastasis; even minimum incision surgery can be very painful. Our unique therapy can avoid all of these side effects, by entrapping the regimens only inside the tumor, and injecting with a long needle without need for an invasive surgery.

More advantages of our therapy include: being able to treat multiple types and number of tumors at the same time without adding pressure and burden to the patient; the creation of personalized treatment schedules for patients in various stages of cancer in order to alleviate the impact to weak patients; retaining regular mobility and a sense of normality to the patients, which keeps them in a positive mood, a vital aspect for recovery from cancer.

In summary, our therapy has advantages over almost all other types of therapies available in terms of greater and quicker efficacy, lower total dosage, less side effects, lower risks, less suffering, faster recovery, higher survival, and lower costs.

Our primary goal is to deliver the best treatment and satisfaction to our patients. Financial worries, fear of pain and suffering, and fear of recurrence should be the last thing you should have to think about. Let’s focus on you, your health, and your awaiting future.

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