Arlene white Pate

Arlene White Pate, who lives in Pennsylvania, USA, is now in her 70s. She suffered from bleeding in her stool in December 2014. She went to a local hospital in the United States. She was advised to undergo colonoscopy and biopsy for rectal cancer. She refused at that time and refused to receive radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Any treatment. After aggravating symptoms, she underwent enteroscopy on July 17, 2015, and biopsy showed that she still gave up treatment for moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum. Later, she listened to a doctor introducing the slow-release bank therapy, and finally decided to receive treatment. She came to Beijing Baofa Cancer Hospital on August 8, 2015. After several treatments with the slow-release bank, the effect was very good. Smith and Miller, who knew the treatment at the hospital, made her full of confidence in the recovery of her illness.

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How We Treat Cancer?

Interventional Therapy

Interventional Therapy is a new substitute of traditional chemotherapy, which means that a physician introduces instruments such as needles or catheters (long, thin tubes) into the body through tiny(1-2 mm) incisions in the skin. The instruments are then guided by an imaging technique called fluoroscopy to the cancer tumor. In this way, the physician can deliver cancer medicine directly to the tumor.more info

Cryotherapy Therapy

Cryotherapy Therapy, also known as “Argon-Helium Knife Cryotherapy”, is a new substitute of traditional physical therapy. Practically speaking it is “extreme cold + extreme heat” cancer treatment. Generally, a minimum of 10-15 minutes is required to achieve an extreme analgesic (pain relieving) effect while lowering the temperature to the injured area, thus reducing the metabolic rate and swelling associated with tissue injury.more info

Particle Knife

Particle Knife is a new substitute of traditional radiation therapy. With the help of computer Treatment Planning System (TPS), radioactive particles will be implanted into tumors. The particles which release γ-rays can continuously kill tumor and cause destruction targeting tumor cells. With time, the radiation amount would accumulate to be large enough to destroy the DNA double strands of tumor cells.more info

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