The procedures for international patients are simplified to make everything easier as following:

  • The patient should send an email to with his/her basic personal information including the name, gender, age, country, address, email addresses, phone numbers and best time for phone calls, plus the medical information including the type, number and location of tumors, time of discovery, treatments received and results.
  • A doctor will review the basic information and reply by email to with a request for additional materials and set up a phone call.
  • The patient should then gather the additional information needed and confirm the phone appointment number and time.
  • The doctor will call the patient to discuss the condition and recommend a treatment plan accordingly;
  • The patient should contact his/her medical insurance company with the hospital’s information to confirm the coverage. Please let us know if there is any additional information the insurance company may need.
  • The patient will then purchase an airplane ticket, and notify the hospital of the flight number and estimated time of arrival.
  • The hospital will send a driver to the Beijing International Airport to pick up the patient, holding a sign with the patient’s name on it.
  • The patient will arrive at the hospital, check in, and let us take it from there.